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The #1 way to generate more warm referrals is to express true appreciation and gratitude towards every new person you meet and the people you come in contact with on a regular basis.

This includes everyone involved with all aspects of a business transaction or sale. This may be the customer/client, your employees or team, vendors... everyone involved that helps a deal or sale come together.

The absolute best way to do this is by mailing sincere heartfelt cards & gifts!

From a phone app, or from your computer, you can now MAIL custom handwritten and signed cards with your own pictures and the price is far less than a generic card purchased at a store. You even have the option to custom brand the back of the card.

*Real Cards | *Real Envelopes | *Real Stamps | *No Licking | *No Stamping | *No Stuffing

Create cards on your phone, tablet or computer then SendOutCards will print, envelope, address, stamp and take them to the post-office for you.

See how quickly you can mail a custom card & gift straight from your phone.


Custom Brand Manager lets you

personalize the back of your cards!

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Your First Card is Free... Including Postage!

Standard (2 panel) Card Prices

$1.17: Preferred Customer Card Price +Stamp ($1.66 Total).

For that price the card is printed on high quality card stock, put in an envelope, stamped, addressed and taken to the post office the next day.

You can't afford not to mail cards this way

You will be amazed at how your referral business and personal relationships will grow!

No Contracts, No Long Term Obligations.
We are that confident that you will love SendOutCards!



Here are some examples of how Appreciation Marketing can help your business explode!

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Building Contractor Edition

When Custom Home Builder Paul Rising lost everything due to the Real Estate bust of 2008... Starting over, deep in debt, within a few years, Paul rebuilt their business to over 5 million dollar per year. All with a cost effective relationship marketing strategy! 


Relationship Marketing Weekly: Mortgage Professional Edition

What an amazing interview today with Mortgage Broker and Team Leader Linda Walters! Linda shares an amazing success story on how incorporating a relationship marketing strategy in her office that increased their team sales by more than 71% in one year! 


Relationship Marketing Weekly: Real Estate Edition

On this week's Relationship Marketing Weekly: Real Estate Edition, we heard from three amazing real estate leaders on how they leverage a cost effective relationship marketing strategy in their business... Their stories and results will amaze you!


Send a Card In The US and InspectionNews Will Pay For Your Card & Postage!


InspectionNews Will Pay For Your Card & Postage.

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